Hiroshi Arai's Laboratory of "Kutu"

Hiroshi Arai's made to measure "Kutu"shop


HiroshiArai’s Laboratory of “Kutu” NEW WORKS DEBUT

We had a private 1st Exhibition last month in Paris  and  this month in Tokyo .

Also, We started opening to the public and getting orders of new works at  Shoe care&Shoe order Room FANS.


These are made with the idea at“WARAJI” that is traditional Japanese footwear.

Please come to see it.

and try them on!

1st Exhibition



“Fans.” will start a new store.

“Fans.” will start on 19 th of April.

We are waiting for you.

Please came to find  your finest slow living.


FANS. 4th anniversary!

Thank you very much, our directly managed store “FANS.” Will celebrate 4th anniversary.
We will perform “Care & Adjustment Free Service Event” from 6/3 ~ 4.
We prepare drinks, so please visit us.