8th (2022AW)Exhibition Information


2022 Spring Summer Exhibition

I will invite you 2022ss Exhibition “Laugh”,

Place (google map):

Dec.15~18   Appointment required

Dec.22~   Free ※Shops Opening time only

& You can look at these photo from 15th Dec.

New Models Name

1,Farmer Boots

2,Outsider Slipon

3,Japanes Footwear

Many interesting works(monster) was born this time too.
Please look my collection.




2021SS Collection

Hiroshi Arai’s Laboratory of “kutu” 2021SS Virtual Exhibition is start now.
My work is to turn leather into shoes to express life. I had a lot of opportunities to think about life and living because of an emergency of covit19. Therefore, the theme is “LIFE” this time. I’ve made up a work that can feel the difference between inorganic and organic substances, and also can feel leather is alive.
Please take a look.


2020AW Collection PHOTO

Please look at NEW Collection PHOTO!
4th Exhibition


2020AW Collection

After the Paris exhibition in January and the Tokyo exhibition last week, it will be open to the public this week and will be exhibited at FANS.
This time, the title was “UNION”, and the foot (leg) and shoes (boots) be feel like same body .
I hope you see the shoes that will become SEXY / MONSTER / PARTNER in the three themes of the collection model.
Orders are possible, so please come.


2020SS Collection

I posted a picture of a new work.
The actual thing is in FANS.(ASAKUSA)

This Collection thema is “C(Carbon atom)”.
Life = organic matter, and its central atom carbon (Carbon). 2/3 of the dry weight of the animal be carbon. Existence that can take extremely diverse forms in both single substance and compound.
From such characteristics, it can be felt more organically, with the image that it is changing greatly in connection with the content of “(the shoes) becoming a monster” which is one of our main themes. We aimed at the finish of leather shoes.

Please do come.


2019AW Collection

I posted a picture of a new work.
The actual thing is in FANS.(ASAKUSA)
Please do come!

>> 2nd Exhibition


HiroshiArai’s Laboratory of “Kutu” NEW WORKS DEBUT

We had a private 1st Exhibition last month in Paris  and  this month in Tokyo .

Also, We started opening to the public and getting orders of new works at  Shoe care&Shoe order Room FANS.


These are made with the idea at“WARAJI” that is traditional Japanese footwear.

Please come to see it.

and try them on!

>> 1st Exhibition




“Fans.” will start a new store.

“Fans.” will start on 19 th of April.

We are waiting for you.

Please came to find  your finest slow living.



FANS. 4th anniversary!

Thank you very much, our directly managed store “FANS.” Will celebrate 4th anniversary.
We will perform “Care & Adjustment Free Service Event” from 6/3 ~ 4.
We prepare drinks, so please visit us.