9th (2023AW)

PARIS 19th-24th January 2023
TOKYO 7th-9th February 2023

This collections theme is “FOLK”.
The Story of a Future Folk

  • It is the year 25XX, and mankind lives in a world where all thoughts and actions are automated. Everything is homogenized except for the depths of the brain.

One boy, Rin, wakes up in a strange land wearing clothes you’ve never seen before and finds himself in a world he has never seen before.

Rin : Is this the tree we have heard about in the stories?
What are these black things on the ground? Real Soil?

Then, as if guided, he descends to the bottom of a valley.
Out of the shade of a tree came a swarthy skin man with long dreadlocks.

And,Another tall man with huge bulky eyes comes up to him silently.

Man with Dreadlocks : Who are you?

Rin :I’m Rin. Have you two been living here forever?

Man with Dreadlocks : No, we’ve been here for a few months maybe. This thing on you and our leg is called a KUTU, but you’ve never seen anything like it, have you?”

People today don’t have to walk. But it feels like it’s saying “Let’s go here! Walk!”.

Man with bulky eyes : And there’s a strange tool and a pedestal here…
What are these? I feel nostalgic for some reason.

There is another young man who has wandered into this valley.
This young man apparently has no memory.
He must have been led here by something.
The young man had heard about life in ancient times from a wise man.

Young man with amnesia : This footwear called KUTU is made of animal skins. It seems that animals existed in the past and coexisted with human beings.

The man, who had no memory of the past, told about the life of human beings in ancient times.

Rin : Eating animals and wearing their skins… Did they do that?
In the first place, we can live forever without dying or getting sick.
I have heard that in the past, the beginning and the end of life were usual…

It was dark and silent at the bottom of the valley, but somehow all four seemed to feel very comfortable.